Fuel One Whey Iso-Max, 1 kg (2.2 lb), Chocolate + Free Shaker

  • A superior whey formula: Fuel One Whey Iso-Max is a premium muscle recovery and growth-boosting supplement crafted to fuel your muscles with a majestic 82% protein per scoop. This supplement is ideal for bodybuilders & fitness enthusiasts on a low-carb diet
  • Sourced from Whey Protein Isolate: This high-protein supplement is made to keep your lean muscle-building goals in mind. Fuel One Whey Iso-Max is sourced from 100% Whey Protein Isolate to provide 28g protein from every scoop minus the excess calories
  • Aminos without the spiking: Fuel One Whey Iso-Max keeps an authentic amino profile by offering exactly what’s on its label. It aids protein synthesis, nutrient absorption, and muscle tissue repair with 13.16g EAAs, 6.18g BCAAs, and 4.25g SEAAs
  • A dependable supplement: Our clean supplement supports your muscle-making quest without any added sugar or without the addition of questionable ingredients like maltodextrin
  • Chock-a-block with flavour: Fuel One Whey Iso-Max keeps is the ultimate post-workout recovery partner that allows you to feel the flavour and flex your gains. Its chocolate flavour is scrumptious and satiating

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