Mysha Nutrition Lithostone Capsules (Kidney & Urinary Stone Repeller) (Pack of 2)

✅  Breakdown the kidney Stone

✅  Melt kidney Stone

✅  Cure Burning Sensation of Urine & Dysuria.

✅  Prevent from Micturition

Lithostone is a combination of ayurvedic multifaceted herbs which shows great results in removing kidney stone .

Mechanism of Action of Lithostone:

Lithostone works by 4 Main Mechanism

    1. Lithostone Capsule breakdown the Large Calculi in smaller calculi which melts into the urine and flows out along with urine.
    2. Lithostone Capsule maintains the pH of Urine so inhibit the formation of new stone.
    3. Lithostone Capsule helps in restoring the capacity of kidney to produce kidney stone inhibitors which inhibit the formation of kidney stone.
    4. Lithostone Capsule has a strong diuretic effect which increase the flow of urine and so helps in removing kidney stones.

Overall Lithostone Capsule has the excellent efficacy in removing kidney stones without any side effect.

In this Pack, you will get 2 boxes of Lithostone Capsules containing total 60 capsules.


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